How to Use Dixie Cups to Pull the Ultimate Prank

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While sifting through some of the old photographs saved on my computer, I found something that I thought was worth sharing.  You see, back when I was an obnoxious high school student, I partook in an amazing prank orchestrated by one of my teachers.  It is amazing what you can do with free labor, (what student wouldn’t want to help teachers prank eachother?) and 10,000 dixie cups.

Every single one of those 10,000 dixie cups was full of water.  It took 10 people 3 hours to painstakingly set those things up and fill them.  Every single horizontal surface we could get to was covered.  There were even dixie cups in the desk drawers.

If you do decide that harassing your friends with thousands of tiny paper cups is a great way to spend your time and money, you should know that this was terrible to clean up.  The Daily Interweb takes no responsibility for property you destroy.

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  1. My friends and I did this in college to a certain office (bigger than your example, but we had many more people helping out so it wasn’t as big of task). All the wax lining the cups came off, and the cups all burst. Since this was a cubical type situation, there was nothing stopping the flow of water. The entire floor of the building was 1/2 inch deep in water.

  2. If you figure 5oz of water per cup and 128oz in a gallon. 3000 cups holds roughly 117 gallons of water. That is approx. 2 bathtubs of water

    If NJ’s “project” was bigger, his claim is highly likely.

  3. We did this to a coworker. We went the extra mile and stapled every cup together.

    Unfortunately, this was lame because it made cleanup much easier as you could pick up 20+ cups at a time.

    Best part was that we emptied Walmart of all their paper cups. This included the little kid party packs of Barney and the Lion King. I’m sure some poor kid was crying himself to sleep tonight on his huge pillow.

  4. Concerning the temperature of H2O, which we’ll assume was room temp @ 72 degrees, the volume of H2O can be calculated thusly:

    V = lwh
    Surface = 2lw + 2lh + 2wh

    So NJ would be correct. There would be 1/2 inch of H2O covering the floor.

  5. just wondering what school this is, looks mysteriously like my high school physics room mind sharing city/school name?

  6. I think it’s a fantastic prank. As the prankee, it would break your brain walking into, it’d frustrate the hell out of you at the time, but afterwards it’d be hilarious and the worst possible damage or harm it could cause is some watermarked furniture. What more could one ask for in a prank?

  7. Why is the bottle of lube halfway in the room lonely? what is the story behind this poor bottle? please inform

  8. We did this to my RA freshman year. We also drywalled the entrance to his room and tin foiled everything in the room.

  9. Great Article. That room looks unusually familiar. Can you tell me what school that is, or in which state?

  10. what’s fun is to put all the dixie cups right next to each other and then staple them together before filling them with water. the only way to really clean it up without making a mess is to use a straw to get the water out.

    this usually works better for just a desk or table, not a whole room.

  11. @NJ I second that B.S. You made that whole thing up hah.

    @Jac lol… full of holes…


    That is not 10000 paper cups.

  12. What you should of did was fill the cups up with is Simple Syrup basically sugar water. We make it a my work. It takes 85 lbs of sugar for every 8 gallons of Hot water. When it hits the floor it is slippery as HELL. So if you spill just one cup someone is sure to fall. But that is a nice prank.

  13. @Cyclonus:
    That would require half a ton of sugar.
    3000cups * 5oz/cup / 128oz/gallon * 85lbs/8gal = 1245lb of sugar.
    That could get expensive.
    It would only take 4,820 cups to cost you a ton of sugar. That picture could easily have anywhere from 3000-5000.

    raw sugar costs 11cents a pound, or $220 a ton. That’s a fairly heavy investment for a silly prank.

    Oh, and @Arc A’Mediees: Do you even know what you’re talking about? That reads like the envelope-calculation equivalent of “how is babby formed”. Numbers, please!

  14. I love google conversions:

    50000 oz = 69.6252894 (sq yd) in

    i.e. 69 square yards, one inch deep
    or 168 square yards, 1/2 inch deep

  15. friends of mine did the same prank in the senior hallway of their high school. They blocked off all entrances except the adjoining hallway. At the opposite end of the hall put a boom box blasting really loud terrible techno music. The first 2 feet of cups were empty so the teachers just started kicking them over to get to the end of the hallway. Then they hit the water!

  16. My school did this down a hall at our school, it took then about six hours and maintenance just knocked over all the cups and mopped/shop vac’d all the water up in thirty minutes. It was clean by the time everyone got to school.

  17. we did something similar in camp involving an overturned cup and a playing card.

    fill the cup, put the card on top. hold secure and turn over the cup. with card now on bottom, place on flat table. slide card out slowly while on table. almost all water will stay in cup. it now cant be removed without spillage and/or very careful replacement of the card.

    set up a lot of these for the real fun.

  18. Is that Pennsbury High School? Looks just liked one of the biology classrooms before the big renovation.

  19. Whoa! that frikkin looks like my freshman science classroom!

    Mr. Bryan was totally the one to prank… Bratface.

  20. At a summer camp I worked at, counselors would go into others’ cabins and put a dixie cup of ice water on their sleeping victim’s back so when they roll over…